I’m not an average photographer holding an extreme camera. I’m your photographer equipped with care and professionalism.

Photography has become my profession since 2013. It’s my job and it’s my joy. I do it to fulfill myself and I do it to compliment my clients. I spent the first 20 years of my life in Shanghai. After that, I came to Toronto, and it has since been my home for another 15+ years. Over the years, I have enjoyed travelling between China and Canada, making new friends on the road and witnessing the incredible globalization.


When I’m home, I like slow cooking, stewing and braising. If one day the world had only one TV channel left, I hope it would be Food Network. When I’m not with my camera, I like a long walk with a friend and an iPhone, chatting and snapshotting. 

I'm Toronto based, specializing in wedding, event, and casual style. Photogenic moments are all around us. I will open my mind to see and work my camera to show.